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    1. Limitation of liability

    The contents of this website are being created with greatest possible care. The provider does not assume any liability for or guarantee that the information on this website is accurate, complete or up to date. This website is to be used at your own risk. Articles that are indicated by name are referring to the opinion of the respective author and not always to the opinion of the provider. By only using the provider´s homepage there is no contractual relationship taking place between the user and the provider.

    2. External links

    This website contains links to websites of third parties („external links“). These websites are subject to the liability of their respective providers. When first creating the external links to the third-party contents, the provider checked these contents for any violations of the law. No such violations were determined at that time. The provider is in no way able to influence the current and future layout of the pages to which links point. The inclusion of external links does not mean that the provider shall adopt the linked or referenced contents as his own. It is not possible for the provider to continually check external links without concrete information that indicates violations of the law. Nevertheless, with knowledge of legal offence such external links are immediately extinguished.

    3. Originator and achievement protection rights

    The contents published on this website are defeated by the German originator and achievement protection right. Any utilization which is not allowed under German copyright and ancillary copyright law requires the prior written content of the Provider or the relevant right holder. This applies specifically to the duplication, processing, translation, storage, handling and reproduction of the content in databases or other electronic media and systems. Third-party contents and rights are identified as such in this regard. Unauthorized copying or forwarding of single publications or complete pages is not allowed and liable to prosecution. Only the creation of copies and downloads for personal and private and non-commercial use is permitted.

    The display of this website in other frames is only allowed after obtaining of permission.

    4. Privacy Policies

    When users visit the Provider’s website, information about the accessing of the website (date, time, pages viewed) may be stored on the server. These data are not part of the person-related data but are made anonymous. They are evaluated exclusively for statistical purposes. They are not disclosed to third parties, either for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

    Provider expressly points out that data transfer in the internet (e.g. communication by email) is exposed to safety gaps and not always protected against access by third parties. The provider and all other persons named on this website hereby refuse to permit any commercial use or further dissemination of their data.