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    Building Bridges

    The most important part  of a company are the people  who are committed to the company’s success, day in and day out. For those people it is not only the subsistence  which motivates them for work performance, but rather the identification with what they do. This requires many factors on both sides that are very individual from time to time – as the people themselves. This is where KnabConsult is building bridges between the company looking for the appropriate team member and the qualified employee on the search for a matching company.

    KnabConsult differs from other personal consultants by focusing on the procurement of young talents and experienced qualified employees for the hotel and tourism business. Here, people on the employer’s side as well as on the employee’s side are  the focus, to bring together people who belong together.

    “Our motive is the personal side. Intense experience in the hotel business and in  personnel management are a good base to do what we do. We bring people together. And we bring them to the place where they belong.”

    Andres Knab, Personal Recruiter