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    Consulting culture with leitmotifs


    Personal consulting and recruiting requires, in addition  to profound expertise, professional competence, branch know-how and market overview, but first and foremost it requires lots of sensitivity. The compliance of self-appointed, professional ethical principles and the protection of an authentic style place a huge value with KnabConsult.


    Trust – With the personal consulting of the company just as much as with candidates, trust is the basis of all activities.


    Discretion – Of course all the information are being handled discretely  according to the company’s or candidate’s guidelines.


    Sustainability – To staff a vacant position is very elaborating for the company, the decision for a new position is often a huge step for the candidate. Therefore quality and  successful counselling are oriented towards a sustainable mediation.


    Meaningfulness – Not the fast mediation is in the centre of the personal consulting but the clear company-candidate-benefit.


    Commitment – Full effort for candidates and companies requires mind, professional competence, reliability and also heart and passion.


    Respect –   When filling a vacant position the parties  involved  form the centre, every party with his individual ideas that are being considered with respect and attention.


    Interaction – Personality, image, potential and perspectives on both the employee’s as well as on the employer’s side are a condition for useful and sustainable staffing.  They can be evaluated best in a personal conversation. Therefore only candidates who  are known personally, who  were being recommended or interviewed are  mediated.